All Change…

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Apologies for not updating here for such a very long time!

As is inevitable when things don’t get updated, there are some big changes, and I am no different.  I am playing with some new people, have new plans on the horizon and very much looking forward to trying some new things in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled here for details as they become available…


Tartu tantsuklubi: Inglise tantsud.

Only a week to go before I embark on a 10 day return trip to Estonia with the band. We’ll be travelling round and playing in Tartu, Tallinn, Viljandi and Avinurme for a mixture of dance club , public and schools gigs.

Also programmed in is an short, one day trip across the Baltic on the Tallinn-Helsinki ferry to play a dance for the lovely folks at the British-Finnish Society.

For more details and maybe some pics as the tour progresses check here..


A short video shot by Nigel Taylor this last weekend at Burnley Canal Festival 2012 of Liam Robinson and myself performing the bargeman’s / canal song Poor Old Horse, whilst sat aboard the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Society restored short boat “The Kennet”.

The summer holidays always seem to be a much welcome break when they first start, but by the fourth week or so, I really miss the regular session and workshops and the social side of seeing the participants (for that, read Friends/fellow musicians/fellow dancers) that come along to the sessions and classes that I run.


So, it’s with relief and pleasure that I look forward to the start of the new term this week.

Today (Tuesday) is the first Back In The Saddle Band session at the Bishop Grosseteste University College Chapel (just off the main reception on Newport, Lincoln) at 7.30 – 9pm. This is a band that I run with the intention of providing a place for people to come together to make music, no matter what their instrument, or experience level. Dot readers, ear learners, lapsed musicians with dusty instruments, younger musicians who have passed beyond the realms of the county bands and orchestras, self taught players who want to experience playing with others, beginners both young and old and more experienced players who want to keep their lip or fingers in or who want to ‘give something back’ and inspire less experienced players.


Wednesday is the first session of this new term of the long running Medieval dance group at Holbeach St Marks Community Gym, Sluice Road, Holbeach St Marks – supported by Lincolnshire Dance’s Dance4Life Project (7pm – 8.30pm). Having a good laugh and a natter whilst incidentally learning social dances from the 14th to 17th Centuries (yes, I know that’s not Medieval – it kind of evolved past that…) what could be a better release from the stresses of the daily grind..

I’ve really missed it all and cant wait to get stuck in 🙂

The Liam Robinson Dance Band

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The Liam Robinson Dance Band.

I’ve got lots to update on the blog here – new workshops, recent festivals, new ongoing courses and groups, exciting upcoming bookings, mini tours, trips and ventures. It’s going to take me a bit of time over the next couple of weeks to get it all updated, but for now the newest shiny is the Facebook page for the traditional dance band that I play in with Liam Robinson (melodeon and calling) and Nina Zagorski (Piano/keys).

The dance tunes are all unashamedly and unapologetically very traditional and mostly all drawn from oral and collected sources within Lincolnshire. Most have been in use for dancing in the area for at least the last couple of hundred years.

Please take time to drop by and have a look and if you like what you see and hear, please do the clicky thing on the button…

Folk garage sale

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Hey there folky friends…

I’ve put a couple of bits up on eBay that you may or may not be interested in.

Firstly I’ve decided to put of for auction a set of 1957 hardback copies of “The English and Scottish Popular Ballads” by Francis J Child. Often referred to as the Child Ballad books. These are still the dominant resource for anyone doing any research or interested in performing any of the English or Scottish ballad canon. A better resource has yet to be written, despite these originally being published in the 1890s.

All five volumes bound into 3 hardback books. Pretty rare in hardback form, though still available in paperback now.

Secondly, some of you may know that one of the most useful and portable percussion instrument that I play is a pair of musical bones. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time to learn the basics of how to play these from the most lovely Jeff Warner at Whitby Folk Festival about three years back and they have become a firm favourite for me, as they are so versatile (and portable). They are great in a session or for self accompaniment of songs or playing with others along to tunes.

Well, after a bit of experimentation in the workshop, I’ve come up with a pattern for a pair that I’m really pleased with and have now put the first pair up on eBay for sale. Made from  beautifully grained Sapele (from a recognised FSC accredited source) and slightly longer than the standard ones that Hobgoblin sell at a shade over 8 1/2 inches long and finished with 1200 grit wet and dry paper and sealed with a beeswax based furniture wax, they sit very comfortably in the hand, are very light and responsive and have a lovely bright but not overly penetrating tone.

Hopefully some more will be following off the production line (shed bench) soon.

Each pair will be unique with regard to the grain and colouration and I may even experiment further with other timbers for different tones. Watch this space. Clickety, clickety, click, clickety, clack…..

Off to Germany

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Annie and I are headed off to Germany at the end of the month to play some of our music to a wonderful bunch of folks at the FilkContinental convention. We’re naturally, very honoured to have been asked and are looking forward to it immensely.

Our ferry, passports, travel insurance and route are all planned and sorted and we’re raring to go. We’ve been to the German FilkContinental Convention a couple of times before, so know we are in for a great time with some great music, maybe some dancing and wonderful hospitality from some of the dearest and friendliest people we’ve ever come across. The most exciting aspect is that the German filkers are very appreciative and very enthusiastic participants in harmony singing. Added to this the other guest performers are a stunningly talented couple from the US (Mary Ellen Wessels and Ed Stauff) who we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting at a long distant UK convention in Weston-Super-Mare and have been dying to meet up with again ever since.

To top it all the convention is in an old German Castle!! Expect some cool photos (and maybe a ConRep) on our return….