Mediaeval Dancing

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Another great mediaeval/early dance session at Holbeach St Mark’s tonight. We covered several Bransles (Simple, Double (with variations), Pease and Horses), variations on a Pavanne, a Dargason that made MUCH more sense than last week thanks to having a few more people & a reminder of the Bouree steps that I picked up from Sybille at the German Folkcamp last year. Ellie really has taken to finishing the evening off with a Farandole and folks are getting very creative with the freeform nature of the dance and their choices of differing step figures (arches, meanders, snail shells, multiple lines and needle threading).

Aside from the dancing, there was much natter about new jobs, the stereotypes of certain car make drivers (sparked mainly by my recent acquisition of a Volvo..), mediaeval birthing stools & the practicalities of proper swaddling. The class is definitely getting into the idea that the circle dances are amazingly social things and that you can have a jolly good chat while you’re dancing.

My sides are aching more than a little from the laughter 🙂

via Tim Walker.


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