Research for a possible repair ‘project’…

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized





Installing the Frets in a Fretted Stringed Musical Instrument.

I just recently acquired a 1920s English made 5-string ‘Whirle’ banjo made by Windsor. It’s in need of some general TLC (restring and a cleanup etc..) but also three of the frets have come out and several of the others are lifting slightly. The fretboard is sound but the frets appear to be lifting due to a combination of finger gunk, wear and tear (flatspots) on the frets and some oxidisation of the brass.

The restring is no problem and comes under the ‘general maintenance’ heading, but the frets are a new thing for me. Being a ‘hands on’ sort I figure that it should be perfectly feasible to sort this out with the tools and skills that I have picked up over the last 20 years. Indeed, after about a half hour of googling I came across the above site, which has some great pages of really detailed description and clear photos. It’s certainly given me the confidence to get stuck in.

I’ll just have to schedule it in after the melodeons and spinning wheel that are on the project list but the fingers are definitely itching…


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