Off to Germany

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Uncategorized


Annie and I are headed off to Germany at the end of the month to play some of our music to a wonderful bunch of folks at the FilkContinental convention. We’re naturally, very honoured to have been asked and are looking forward to it immensely.

Our ferry, passports, travel insurance and route are all planned and sorted and we’re raring to go. We’ve been to the German FilkContinental Convention a couple of times before, so know we are in for a great time with some great music, maybe some dancing and wonderful hospitality from some of the dearest and friendliest people we’ve ever come across. The most exciting aspect is that the German filkers are very appreciative and very enthusiastic participants in harmony singing. Added to this the other guest performers are a stunningly talented couple from the US (Mary Ellen Wessels and Ed Stauff) who we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting at a long distant UK convention in Weston-Super-Mare and have been dying to meet up with again ever since.

To top it all the convention is in an old German Castle!! Expect some cool photos (and maybe a ConRep) on our return….


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