Tim can bring a number of different workshops to your local school, college or community setting:

Tudor Dance: A KS2 level workshop, tying in with the National Curriculum “Tudors” project.  Tim teaches the children a number of different period dances, as well as explaining the relevance of dancing in day-to-day life for people living in Tudor times.

Sword Dance: A workshop which can be adapted for either KS2/3 students or for adults, Tim teaches the North Skelton traditional Longsword dance, and talks about folk dancing within a community setting, both historical and modern.  This workshop is also easily adapted for students requiring a slower pace of teaching or movement.

Baroque Dance/Baroque Ballet: A workshop well suited to students who already have a working knowledge of the history of dance, Tim uses video clips and interactive participant demonstrations to  show the transition from courtly show dances of the Stuart age to the beginnings of the more familiar Baroque ballet.

Folk Percussion: Using such unlikely instruments as spoons, washboards and jigdoll, Tim has given this workshop to audiences of all ages from 8 to 80, both in educational and festival settings.  This workshop is an excellent ice-breaker, and Tim brings enough instruments for all participantss to experience playing at the same time.

Medieval Dance: Drawing from a number of period references from the 14th and 15th Centuries, Tim teaches a range of dances such as Farandoles and Bransles, Basse Dances and Pavannes that are suitable for all ages and capability ranges. These dances are simple in structure  and huge fun, highlighting the social nature of dancing in this historical period.

Playing in a Band / Playing for Dancing: A workshop or masterclass for groups of 4 to 25 participants tailored to each group. Tim leads participants through the particular skill of playing in a group or band setting. The core of the session usually centres on learning one or more traditional tunes and using this to investigate, discuss and practice various aspects such as aural skills, rhythm, tempo, strategies for learning melodies by ear, understanding notation and written music, improvisation, harmony. Notation provided if required.

Instrument Specific Workshops: Guitar 101 – for complete beginners to be able to play a song in half an hour (instruments can be provided), Brass – a workshop aimed at brass players interested in playing in the folk genre, or brass groups looking to develop their effectiveness as an ensemble, with practical exercises to develop confidence, tone, intonation and aural skills. Percussion – See above.

Please contact Tim for further information and pricing using the details in the sidebar if you would be interested in booking a workshop.


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